LAB017 – I Want A Mustache, Dammit

LAB017 – I Want A Mustache, Dammit

I happened upon the self-titled Floor album the other day at Amoeba, and decided to build a mix around it.

I then immediately remembered how killer the Kylesa side of their split with Cream Abdul Babar was, so that was in, and with the new Boris single out, a “sludge metal” (or what have you) mix was on.

I was kind of bummed about Hey Colossus’ Project: Death, so I chose between “Red Giant” and their collaboration with Woe. Added some good ol’ Cable, Earthride and Taint, dug through some old demos and called it a day.

And another shameless self-promotion… check out this cool shit.

1. Cable – Black Leather Mustache
2. Taint – Drunken Marksmen
3. Kylesa – The Curse Of Lost Days (Parts I-V)
4. Floor – Kallisti (Song For Eris)
5. Boris – Floor Shaker
6. Pumice – Sunshine On Leith [The Proclaimers]
7. Woe Colossus – In A Silent Way
8. Ox Vs. Thunderbird – The Fall
9. Horse Thief – Track 04
10. The Body – Culture Destroyer
11. Earthride – Vampire Circus

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