LAB016 – 28-ish Days Later…

LAB016 – 28-ish Days Later…

No, not that. Songs I either A) had stuck in my head, or B) missed the most whilst away. I didn’t bring any sort of device containing or able to play anything from my personal collection, and could not believe how badly that backfired. Now, I stand by my original decision and still feel that headphones and the familiarities pumping through them would have pulled me out of the experience as a whole, but let’s just say I wasn’t opposed to catching our flight home (which happened to have headphones and personal screens on each headrest containing, among other things, a “rock” section — which is why Arctic Monkeys are on this list).

The opening minute (if not the opening note) of “Further Ahead Of Warp” on ENVY’s latest wins the award for most mental plays, but it was often replaced by a few classics: Elvis’ version of “White Christmas” was a close second, followed by a lot of Outkast (“Rosa Parks,” “Bombs Over Baghdad” – I apparently know the whole thing, and “So Fresh, So Clean”… ?), Chuck Berry’s “No Particular Place To Go,” and the Super Mario Bros. theme song (as played on bass). I also sang a whole lot of Daniel Striped Tiger and Sinaloa. I had downloaded the new Nada Surf and Black Mountain albums before I left, the NS track on here was an early standout, as well as BM’s “Tyrants,” but you can go to Jagjaguwar for that. The Hives song is a bonus from the UK version of their latest, and it should have been on the domestic, too — I hate when B-sides could easily have replaced a number of tracks on the actual album. I also missed Mr. Ragan and his raspy ways, the entire 65daysofstatic catalogue, and some other oddities (In Pieces? The Firebird Band?!). ANODE features an Endzweck dude. New Destroyer is coming soon. The NMDS track’s title pretty much sums up my night.

1. The Hives – Fall Is Just Something Grown-Ups Invented
2. The Firebird Band – The Drive
3. Destroyer – Watercolours Into The Ocean
4. The New Pornographers – Graceland
5. Arctic Monkeys – Balaclava
6. French Kicks – Only So Long
7. In Pieces – A Fitting Lie
8. Minutemen – The Price Of Paradise
9. Hot Water Music – This Early Grave
10. Kittens – The Lone Ranger
11. Nada Surf – Are You Lightning?
12. Silversun Pickups – Rusted Wheel (2003)
13. 27 – Matera
14. The Murder City Devils – That’s What You Get
15. ANODE – 孤高の存在
16. 65daysofstatic – 23kid
17. New Mexican Disaster Squad – Fuck The Oscars

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