Heath Ledger died?

So I didn’t think I could sit through another play of “Thriller” after hearing it more times than we had days down there, but the first thing my girlfriend points out is the dancing lizard commercial, and my first day back to work starts off staring at the poster for its reissue. Ugh. South America is exactly 25 years behind; If it wasn’t “Thriller,” it was other bad 80’s synth-pop. I had many red Vette/big blonde hair/the only thing missing was David Hasselhoff dreams. But besides that it was great, thank you all who wished me good luck. We did everyhing we wanted to, including Machu Picchu (tourist trap, but awesome none-the-less), biked the “World’s Most Dangerous Road,” ate a guinea pig (not good at all, and kind of depressing) and some alpaca, saw some tire-fire road blocks, both oceans and a five-foot tall hyena-ish thing, and didn’t get yellow fever. Woot.

I came home to the ENVY reissues and Black Mountain preorder on my doorstep, but besides that I’m a month behind on all the new trends. I didn’t find a single decent record store, and the herds of Evanescence Fan Club members (a surprising number of whom rocked Avril Lavigne backpacks) told me I wasn’t going to. I did enjoy me some Andean flute music, however. I knew what I was going to make LAB016 the second I got home, I’ll post it soon.

2 thoughts on “Heath Ledger died?

  1. Sorry to read this so late, you’re terribly wrong about South America being 25 years behind in music. From your references I imagine you’ve been in Cuzco, where there’s not much of a music scene, it’s true. However, there are a number of groups from NIN industrial/andean to noise rock and avantgarde stuff too. In Lima, there’s a nice electronica scene emerging, that ranges from glitch/drumnbass to electroclash, kinda YYYs, from drone to hip hop… About record stores you’re entirely right, but that’s because the informal market is huge in this countries.

  2. I was speaking generalities… Yes I did stay in Cusco but wasn’t there for the music. I also stayed in metro’s like Santiago and BA and seeked out record stores, on which I commented. I’m well aware of the many South American music scenes and adore the lot of them, that’s just not what surfaced. I experience the same types of things even when I visit the Midwest. I definitely didn’t mean to send the wrong message or offend anybody, so thank you for your input : )

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