LAB015 – 2007 In An Inconceivably Discriminative, Tiny Nutshell

LAB015 – 2007 (1 – 10)
LAB015 – 2007 (11 – 20)

I don’t know, there was a lot of good songs this past year, and making a single mix with any hopes of capturing its aura is impossible. This is like the Cliffs Note version, it’s only going to tell you what you need to know to past the test, which inevitably leaves out a lot of the good stuff. Don’t hate, it was hard on me too. My “Best Of” originally went to 50 titles, not to mention all the singles and oddball releases I had to choose from.

If I wanted to be really thoughtless about it, I would’ve just uploaded this. (The fifth track is actually called “Yellow Cab,” I think. Use any means necessary to get your thieving paws on it.)

But I decided to stick with my original attempts at toping that mix with my own, lucky you. So here is the candy-coating of a solid chocolate spheres-worth of crucial jams. There are a lot of album openers on here. Interesting. (“Winged/Wicked Things” by Sunset Rubdown was also really good, but I went with the one listed below to further establish this point.)

I heard The Frames track at work when the album came out. Powerful shit. Didn’t see the movie, but the soundtrack version was decent as well. I am not ashamed of Circa Survive or PTW, those are great tracks. Versions came out of freaking nowhere though, what the hell? Dead Meadow didn’t release an album, but this song is new and was supposedly going to be released (with the album) back in summer. “Send Bombs,” along with it’s 37-second Myspace companion piece “Long Pause,” had me in very public anticipation of the full length. Pygmy Lush and Malady tie for best post-Pg. 99 band, though they are much more than a “members of…” act. “Weapon Of Choice” was inescapable, the Andrew Bird album was beautiful, as was the Okkervil River, and as best put by someone whom I’ve forgotten the name/site of, Grinderman goes for best over-the-hill sexual tension rant. Fucked Up wrote an eighteen-minute song, Dinosaur Jr wrote the sweetest non-metal metal riff, and Deer Tick had me yelling about curds and Larry King for quite some time. Lots of other cool things happened as well, but I’ve fucked up enough sentences for the day. These are in no particular order of importance:

(Note: I’m breaking my rule of mixes being able to fit onto a single CD-R. This mix is just under two hours long. If you are actually burning them, you can take out the tracks you don’t like, I won’t be offended. The top ten weren’t enough, so I went with 20.)

1. Woods – Don’t Pass On Me
2. Kings Of Leon – Charmer
3. Circa Survive – The Difference Between Medicine And Poison Is In The Dose
4. Dinosaur Jr – Pick Me Up
5. Shellac – The End Of Radio
6. Grinderman – No Pussy Blues
7. Poison The Well – Letter Thing
8. Andrew Bird – Dark Matter
9. The Frames – When Your Mind’s Made Up
10. Dead Meadow – Ain’t Got Nothing
11. Okkervil River – Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
12. Pygmy Lush – Send Bombs
13. Sunset Rubdown – The Mending Of The Gown
14. Deer Tick – No So Dense
15. Wilco – Impossible Germany
16. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – The Sons Of Cain
17. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Weapon Of Choice
18. Fucked Up – Year Of The Pig
19. Sigur Rós – Hafsól
20. Boris with Michio Kurihara – スウィート No_1

Check out the post below for more Best Of ’07 fun.

4 thoughts on “LAB015 – 2007 In An Inconceivably Discriminative, Tiny Nutshell

  1. Thank you for being honest with this post. You could have easily posted a mix full of obscure bands that would impress some of your more pretentious readers, but you stuck with what you felt. Bravo!And thanks for showing Kings of Leon some love. They put out one of the years best records early on and are being completely forgotten about.

  2. cool list!definitely some tracks (Kings of Leon, Boris, Ted Leo, Fucked Up, Shellac, Sigur Ros) there I really want to hear, and some others that I don’t know much about (Andrew Bird, Frames… I’m Irish but hardly ever listened to them!) but which definitely justify a listen… good to see some love for Dino Jr., too. “metal non-metal riff” is a great description.Hope you saw my ’07 mixtape. Managed to keep it just under an hour, but by dint of not listening to all that much new music last year!

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