LAB014 – Era Supply

LAB014 – Era Supply (Disc A)
LAB014 – Era Supply (Disc B)

Alright. No theme, no boundaries, no far-fetched connections: just a mix. A good one, too, of songs I enjoy thoroughly. Here’s the specs:

Brainworms and The Catalyst will change your post-hardcore life, and they even have a new split together to further bring the house down. The six-minute Raein song is fantastic, ripped from vinyl by yours truly. The North Atlantic isn’t terribly original, but they do sing the line, “I’d rather listen to The Clash all night than be with you,” so that’s awesome. “Reflex” is my favorite Hot Snakes song, “GyzmKid” is my favorite Velvet Teen song, and “This Sierra Classic” is the only song I have from Ateriavia. The Augie March track reminds me of The Walkmen’s “The Rat” in a few ways, the least important being they are both the second track from each bands 2004 album, and both have way more energy than the rest of the album(s). Kids Explode just put out another split, this time with End Of A Year, and it rules. Nixon has Coliseum dudes, if you couldn’t tell, Zozobra has a Cave In dude and OMG has everybody dudes. Dustin Kensrue’s brother sings for Eye Alaska, they are starting to play shows around here and are surprisingly solid. I took off Serena-Maneesh – “Sapphire Eyes High” and Wax On Radio – “When In Rome…” because both have two-minutes of noise (or nothing) tagged on to the ends, but check them out anyways. Wax On Radio’s only album is like $2 at Amoeba, and the whole thing is great. Or you can steal it online. Probably. I have a firm belief that they would be fantastic live. I’d also like to mention that I’m enjoying Something For Rockets’ self-titled right now, not sure why.

Disc A:
1. The Velvet Teen – GyzmKid
2. Eye Alaska – I Knew You’d Never Fly
3. Greyskull – When You Use The Word “Gay” As A Pejorative You Sound Like A Big Fucking Idiot
4. Brainworms – Gnar Gnar
5. Kids Explode – A Romance In Alcohol
6. New Electric – Don’t Send Me Home
7. Raein – Endless Tour Life
8. Augie March – This Train Will Be Taking No Passengers
9. New Radiant Storm King – Indiana Jones
10. Plague Bringer – No Such Nothing
11. Darker My Love – Helium Heels
12. Gogol Bordello – Mala Vida
13. Kyds Vs. Columbus – Shed Feathers
14. The Mass – Gas Pipe
15. This Ship Will Sink – Welcome To The Party
16. City Of Ships – Time Flies

Disc B:
17. Houston Swing Engine – Tongue Runner
18. The North Atlantic – Scientist Girl
19. The Catalyst – The Black Market Is Twenty Four Hours
20. The Death Of Anna Karina – The Cure
21. Life At These Speeds – Blocking Out The Stars
22. Kittens – Head Of A Wold Eel
23. The Coma Recovery – Capulet
24. Hot Snakes – Reflex
25. Zozabra – A Distant Star Fades
26. Nixon – Hold Me Closer Tony Danza
27. The Shivering – Weave
28. The Means – All They Hide
29. Jedediah Parish – The Sons Of Lee Marvin
30. The Delegates – Arcata
31. Ateriavia – This Sierra Classic
32. Old Man Gloom – Deserts In Your Eyes
33. Grizzly Twister – Ont Blood
34. L’antietam – None Of This Is No Longer Worth My Time

Dammit. It just came to me that there is a pattern. A number of these songs are obvious departures from the writing of the rest of their respective discs, ie: the Zozobra, The Delegates, The Means and (to a degree) Coma Recovery and City Of Ships tracks are all the mellower album closers, The Mass’ track is the reverse of that as it breaks up the eight-minute average on “Perfect Picture…,” and the Life At These Speeds track is the transitionally paced sing-a-long song. Rock the casbah.

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