LAB012 – I Screamo, You Screamo, We All Screamo For More Screamo

LAB012 (Disc A)
LAB012 (Disc B)
The best of screamo. You saw it coming.

The boundaries for sub-genres are usually poorly drawn and oddly shaped, so I didn’t stress on the scientifics of it. Everything from the sweeping soundscapes of ENVY and Mihai Edrisch to screamo’s take on power-violence, Will Killingsworths’ duo Ampere and Orchid, had it’s shot at making the cut. The scene for me is defined by three recent acts, the too-short lived screamo heroes Raein, the current reigning kings from Northern California, Comadre, and their geographical cousins, Funeral Diner. None of these bands have released a bad track, each and every one pressed with more broken-hearted boy than Shakespeare could pen in his early career. Yes, we can hear the emotion in your voice, and it’s fucking heartwrenching man, what the hell happened? Society isn’t in the shitter yet, just sitting on the lid.

Well, as you would hopefully expect, this was a rough process of trial and error, and even two hours of sad happiness has me worrying I left too many respectable candidates out. No worries! This mix will already have you gasping for air once it’s over, it’s a rough one you see. Not much filler. Most of the material (somewhat surprisingly) came from this decade, and some even this year, which is actually a positive sign that the music is improving with age, unlike the wastelands of mainstream Rap and whatever label you would slap on “Minutes to Midnight.” But you will find some old favorites from 90’s forerunners worked in, they did write the book for this generation anyway. Just close your eyes (as if you haven’t read enough lyric sheets suggesting the same), sit back and condemn anybody who has ever let you down to the fiery depths of your bowels. It’s like therapeudic slippers for your arteries.

Here are some albums that I didn’t include songs from because they are better viewed whole:
Raein – Il N’y A Pas De Orchestre
Lachance – Nietzsche Said There’d Be Days Like This…
Zegota – Namaste
Welcome The Plague Year – Welcome The Plague Year
Tidal – Moment
The Saddest Landscape/The Last Forty Seconds – Discographies
On The Might Of Princes – The Making Of A Conversation
The Kidcrash – Jokes
Jeromes Dream – Discography
Orchid – Discography
Pg. 99 and Majority Rule, if you so consider them screamo
and there’s a shitload more.

“Faithless” is the best song ever. I mostly like the Hiretsukan track for the lyrics, look them up. I’ve mentioned the Zegota and the collaboration tracks on here before, so here they are! The French and Italians are kick-ass. Alright, it’s time to go outside, my computer screen just doubled and both are slowly following an invisible lateral line rightward. Enjoy.

1. Daighila – Armor Masquerade
2. Cease Upon The Capitol – Yelling “Fire” In A Crowded Theatre
3. ENVY – Chain Wandering Deeply
4. Neil Perry – Nine Minutes Of Non-Fiction
5. Zegota – The Anarchist Cheerleader Song
6. The Assistant – I Have A Name
7. Kaospilot – Rethink The Guidelines
8. Aghast – Deus Ex Machina
9. Yaphet Kotto – We Bury Our Dead Alive
10. Ampere – Wormwood, Radiation
11. Balboa – Gaper Delay
12. Hot Cross – Pretty Picture Of A Broken Face
13. The Death Of Anna Karina – You Are My Cannibal
14. Loftus – Next Step, New Boundary
15. Endless Inertia РVis Donc, Damn̬
16. Raein – Faithless
17. Comadre – Sabado Gigante
18. L’antietam – The End Birth
19. La Quiete – Fiori Neri Per Ivan Illich
20. Endzweck – Key

1. Van Johnson – Like A Ghost
2. The South – Stop Talking And Pay Attention
3. Kodan Armada – No Has Never Had Three Letters
4. Sinaloa – Polar Bears And Cubs
5. Bravo Fucking Bravo – The Vixens
6. Amanda Woodward – Un Peu D’etoffe
7. Catena Collapse – Maze Of Traits
8. Portraits Of Past – Bang Yer Head
9. Taken – Swirling Memories
10. Funeral Diner – Two Houses
11. Daitro – Pourquoi Les Inconnus Restent-Ils Inconnus?
12. The Book Of Dead Names – This One Has The Alternate Ending
13. City Of Caterpillar – An Innocent Face (Live)
14. Schematic Of A Waking Life – Echoes Are Not Voices
15. Yaphet Kotto/This Machine Kills/ENVY – Untitled (A Collaboration Song)
16. Hiretsukan – Tight Not Touching
17. Mihai Edrisch – Mourir

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