LAB011 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. II: El Segundo Corte

LAB011 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. II: El Segundo Corte (Disc A)
LAB011 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. II: El Segundo Corte (Disc B)

LAB002 faired pretty well, so we’re goin’ for round two. More cover songs!

The Offspring track is old school and from their first 7″, ex-JMC covering JMC is amazing, the original versions of the two Wes Eisold covers at the end of Disc A were in previous mixes, some chick is singing on the Forensics track (in case you were as shocked as I was), The Tortoise/BPB collaborative album is all covers and most of them are pretty sweet, the Across Tundras track was on their tour EP (Cortez was also covered by Built To Spill live and that is a must hear, but too long for a mix), and the rest are great too.

You can download a bunch of songs from Australia’s No Through Road here, including covers of Outkast, Palace Brothers and Pavement, all of which are fantastic.

Lucid Media recently upped the soundtrack from the Bob Dylan movie, “I’m Not There,” which features a handful of great Dylan covers by Sonic Youth, Iron & Wine, Jeff Tweedy, The Black Keys, Stephen Malkmus, Yo La Tango, etc…

And if you like The Veils and the Mystic Chords Of Memory tracks, you should check out the Rough Trade album of RT bands covering other RT bands, such as British Sea Power (who has a new EP lined up called Krankenhaus?) covering Galaxie 500, Eastern Lane covering The Feelies, and The Detroit Cobras covering The Srokes. Awesome.

Disc A:
1. The Offspring – Hey Joe [Jimi Hendrix]
2. Lords – You Can’t Bring Me Down [Suicidal Tendencies]
3. Waifle – Get The Kid With The Sideburns [Reversal Of Man]/Hearts Divide [You And I]
4. Nomeansno – Would We Be Alive? [The Residents]
5. Thrones – Young Savage [Ultravox]
6. Econochrist – Uncontrollable Urge [Devo]
7. Playing Enemy – Riot [Dead Kennedys]
8. Cursed – Search & Destroy [Iggy & The Stooges]
9. Primal Scream – Darklands [The Jesus And Mary Chain]
10. Funeral Diner – Deeper Than Inside [Rites Of Spring]
11. The Gaia Corporation – Wonderwall [Oasis]
12. Swing Kids – Warsaw [Joy Division]
13. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Rappaport’s Testament: I Never Gave Up [Chumbawamba]
14. The Tim Version – Freak Scene [Dinosaur Jr]
15. Tub Ring – Kool Thing [Sonic Youth]
16. Tight Bro’s From Way Back When – Show Me [Joe Tex]
17. The Veils – Lions After Slumber [Scritti Politti]
18. Propagandhi – I Want You To Want Me [Cheap Trick]
19. Give Up The Ghost – Kick Out The Jams [MC5]
20. Some Girls – Release The Bats [The Birthday Party]

Disc B:
1. Environmental Youth Crunch – Fortunate Son [Creedence Clearwater Revival]
2. Pink Razors – Uhhh [The Lemonheads]
3. Okkervil River – Black Sheep Boy [Tim Hardin]
4. The Arcade Fire – Brazil [Ary Barroso]
5. Forensics – Everytime [Britney Spears]
6. The Secret Machines – Money That’s What I Want [Barrett Strong]
7. Devendra Banhart – Support Our Troops, Oh! [Xiu Xiu]
8. Tortoise & Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – It’s Unexpected I’m Gone [The Minutemen]
9. Mystic Chords Of Memory – We Could Send Letters [Aztec Camera]
10. Rosie Thomas w/Sufjan Stevens – The One I Love [R.E.M.]
11. Across Tundras – Cortez The Killer [Neil Young]
12. The Black Keys – Meet Me In The City [Junior Kimbrough]
13. Pleasure Forever – The Bars [Black Flag]
14. Cold War Kids – A Change Is Gonna Come [Sam Cooke]
15. Shallow North Dakota – Green-Eyed Lady [Sugarloaf]
16. Stereophonics – Angie [The Rolling Stones]
17. M. Ward – Let’s Dance [David Bowie]
18. Against Me! – Wagon Wheel [Bob Dylan]

And as if there wasn’t enough hair and testosterone in this post already, here are tribute mixes to two of the more influencial bands in existence, Black Sabbath and The Beatles. Most of the songs came from one of three CD’s (Temporary Residence’s Sabbath “Interpretations and Mutilations,” the infamous Hydra Head 7″ series In These Black Days, or MOJO’s Sgt. Pepper’s tribute), but I slipped some off-shot covers in to stir things up as well.

Black Sabbath – Covers Mix
The Beatles – Covers Mix

2 thoughts on “LAB011 – The Butcher Shop, Vol. II: El Segundo Corte

  1. Wow… I downloaded this just to hear Funeral Diner covering Rites of Spring. Two bands, at opposite ends of the emo genealogy tree… the result sounds pretty weird.

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