Since We Were On The Subject…

I thought you’d like to hear another man’s opinion regarding the Brand New/Thrice/mewithoutYou tour that is locked in L.A. for three days.

I’m somewhat of a newcomer to the realm that Brand New occupies, and it’s been a bumpy ride getting here. I first picked up a Brand New album late last year after “God And The Devil Are Raging Inside Me” had garnished enough attention from respectable music friends for me to justify doing so. To my surprise, it was a pretty decent album’s worth of experimental-pop material, that seemed fairly out of place compared to their previous two albums (as I later came to realize). Now, I don’t consider myself a fan, but after their two hour performance tonight I’m not afraid to say I’m having a change of heart.

The Wiltern is a beautifully historic theatre located at the end of a Korean/furniture stretch of Western Blvd. Floor admittance is generally acceptable, otherwise you can take a seat upstairs, where the second tier of the theatre slopes towards the stage. This may have been the largest concert I’ve attended (which is not very impressive), so I was in an unusual mood to begin with. My tickets were not paid for by me and I was honestly only interested in seeing the mewithoutYou and Thrice sets (which I don’t have very much to say about), so by the time Brand New set up I had lost hope in being fully entertained.

The first three tracks I recognized from God And The Devil, and then they went into a group of songs I assumed were taken from their earlier albums, but didn’t fit into the pop cookie-cutter mold I remembered. They wove in and out of what I think ended up being the rest of God And The Devil and some acoustic tracks that hit just as hard before wrapping things up. And every song was AWESOME, namely the few tracks that brought out a second drummer, and at points four guitars. The frontman was very down to earth and refreshingly realistic, but touring with Dustin Kensrue and Aaron Weiss that didn’t seem too out of place, and the band nailed every gang-vocal-sans-volume-control that was thrown at them. The new Brand New playing old Brand New songs makes for nothing short of a great show.

In other news, I got word that I might have a trip to Argentina in my near future, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Besides hoping to make it to Peru and Machu Picchu, and the death road in Bolivia, I can’t say I know of many more “must-sees” in South America, so if anybody knows the area please send your suggestions my way.

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