LAB010 – The Set List (“…, Motherfuckers!”)

LAB010 – The Set List (“…, Motherfuckers!”)

Marketing the idea of live recordings is a difficult one. Die-hard fans aside, a lot of people can’t look past the recording quality, or the crowd noise and feedback, or the improvisations. Or that it’s just not the same as being there. Or it could be the fact that your favorite band is absolutely terrible live. Now, I’m mainly referring to those that pay out-the-ass for a Daughtry show and complain that the bassist missed a note on “It’s Not Over,” but the hatred can happen to anybody. If you do appreciate live recordings however, for whatever opposing reason to the list above, than you rock and are going to be downloading this mix. These are all great tracks that made the switch from studio to stage wonderfully.

Oops, I dropped something:

Clikatat Ikatowi has a live album that’s pretty decent, Neurosis has two “bootlegs” that reward your patience, The 4-disc set that Nick Cave put out was worth watching/listening, and Red Sparowes’ compilation of live tracks is great, but you still need to see them yourself because they supply visuals for your wandering eyes. M83 has good live recordings floating around somewhere, but after listening to too much of them, the new Against Me! and the radio at work I am getting sick of 4/4. I never saw Hot Snakes or Karate which bums me out. Band Of Horses is actually good live, as seen on Late Nite, and somebody needs to explain to me how awesome The Mevlins are with dual drummers. Off Minor somehow sounds better recorded live than they actually do live. Mascis and Dino Jr have tons of live shit. Oh and the album recorded at The Murder City Devil’s last show… yeah.

I also had songs by Andrew Bird and The Knife but I needed the space.

1. Primal Scream – Accelerator
2. Wipers – Mistaken ID
3. Supersuckers – Jailbreak [Thin Lizzy]
4. Two Gallants – Fail Hard To Regain
5. Okkervil River – For The Enemy
6. The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Born Into A Mess
7. Dredg – Ode To The Sun
8. Karate – There Are Ghosts
9. MC5 – Kick Out The Jams
10. Hot Snakes – Plenty For All
11. Off Minor – Problematic Courtship
12. Frank Black – Raiderman
13. Newgenics – Lather, Rinse, Repeat
14. The Hold Steady – Same Kooks
15. Love Of Diagrams – Cool
16. The Melvins – Honey Bucket
17. Frodus – The Feelgood Song Of The Year
18. Wilco – Kicking Television
19. The Black Keys – Yearnin’
20. Citizen Fish – Used To Work
21. Majority Rule – Burial Suit

3 thoughts on “LAB010 – The Set List (“…, Motherfuckers!”)

  1. that Clikatat Ikatowi live album is pretty good, eh? I’ve seen it on eMusic but I’ve never bothered with it yet. I have a Mohinder live recording from their discography – two sets, each about 10-20 mins of songs all together in the same track. It’s good enough, but I have no idea which songs are which!

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