California’s Burning

Yes, yes it is in deed. Anybody trying to catch an episode of Days Of Our Lives this week has had first hand experience with the media-whore that is the California wild fires. I got back from SLO last night to find out that the Santiago fire hasn’t moved but two miles from my house (it was within a mile when I left), and the water choppers are still raveging our poor little reservoir. I got to breathe clean air for a few days but my paranoia didn’t make it worthwhile.

I’d also like to point out that Smoke Or Fire nailed the song title that was posted in LAB009 just before shit went south. And not to tack on some unnecessary verbal gratuity, but I do want to thank the ridiculously large number of big red trucks and little yellow people that swept down and saved thousands of communities across Southern California.

LAB010 is in production. GET PUMPED.

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