LAB009 – Surfing With Grizzly Bears (In The Desert)

LAB009 – Surfing With Grizzly Bears (In The Desert)

Ahh, a tribute to the Golden State. I will leave you with this as I leave (this) for… here? Too bad Highway 101 isn’t nearly as exhilarating as Social D play it off to be.

I had Mermaid Avenue in rotation again and decided that there were way to many songs about California NOT to make a mix tape out of. Some are exclaimations of complete adoration, others come with fists balled and fingers raised; But whichever your opinion is best represented by, it boils down to good tunes and fitting lyrics.

There are a few you maybe didn’t expect, but I had to include the classics (“L.A. Woman,” “Lights.” Although I did leave off the mid-life crisis favorite “Hotel California.” Yeah, what of it.) for nostalgia’s sake. I left out some given’s from Bad Religion and Rancid as well because both bands’ growing lists of contradictions are really pissing me off, and the Graffin solo project wasn’t all that hot either. This is a great summer driving mix, just in time for winter, and kind of makes me feel like watching Pontiac Moon. The videos will paint a different picture for those that have Paris Hilton in their mental image already.

I also had Jesse Fuller’s “San Francisco Bay Blues” and Postive State’s “Pass The California” on the list, but the sound quality was horrid on both and it was kind of a downer to the mix. Damn these modern producers and their volume control.

And since we’re in the area, everybody needs to check out Ghostlimb. Dudes from Graf Orlock playing fast, thrashy hardcore that absolutely kills. The full length is like 16 minutes but every other genre-bender released this decade pales in comparison.

1. Ill Lit – Los Angeles (video)
2. Neko Case – In California [Lisa Marr]
3. Kings Of Leon – California Waiting
4. Elliott Smith – L.A.
5. The Bronx – The Kill Us All (Without Mercy) (video)
6. Smoke Or Fire – California’s Burning
7. Billy Bragg & Wilco – California Stars
8. Novi Split – California Skies
9. Drag The River – Me & Joe Drove Out To California
10. Social Distortion – Highway 101
11. Stationary Odyssey – Los Angeles
12. The Scott Silipigni Band – San Francisco
13. Journey – Lights (video)
14. The Explosion – Hollywood Sign
15. NoFX – Leaving Jesusland
16. Grave For The Fireflies – Virus: Calculator
17. The Doors – L.A. Woman (video)
18. Frank Black – Los Angeles (video)
19. Jello Biafra & The Melvins – Kali-fornia Uber Alles 21st Century (Live)
20. Strung Out – Cemetery

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