Boris w/Kurihara

Alongside my good friend Matzah, the entire bearded population of LA, and apparently the Last Train To Cool dude (who uploaded Flood for those still missing out), I was in attendance at the Boris/Damon & Naomi w/Michio Kurihara show last night. Kurihara played with both sets, and it was pretty fantastic in deed. They are headed East, so if you live East of me then you shoudn’t pass up the opportunity coming your way. Given the situation, I felt it appropriate to attach some rare(r), vinyl-only Boris material (inc. Doomriders split, Walrus, Damaged, and 1970 B-side). Sludge rock on.


My significant other and I are heading up to San Luis Obispo next week, if anybody has any recommendations let me know. I hear there’s seals.

I’d also like to point out that the new Meneguar album, although lacking in the innocence and freedom of their EP, is very much worth your time. It’s on my 2007 top 10 thus far, somewhere after Logh and, conveniently enough, the Boris/Kurihara album “Rainbow.” A good year, almost to my surprise.

And if you are going to be in or around the San Francisco and/or Denver areas later this month, you will have the opportunity to catch Darker My Love opening for The Jesus & Mary Chain. DML is your new favorite band and you haven’t even bought this yet. I thought you were cool, man.

4 thoughts on “Boris w/Kurihara

  1. i know one of the records was the new OM.were you the guy with the blonde girl?i was the kid in the red sweatshirt and if the picture you took is from where you were you had to be pretty close to me.

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