Sometime before the year is up, I am hoping to release a very special “Friends of LAB” mix comprised entirely of previously unreleased material, and composed entirely by bands and artists that I have met through LAB. If all goes as planned, I will post the mix once I have collected enough material to fill a CD-R, and I will also make a limited run of 100 hand-numbered CD-R’s that will be available for purchase. It will include handmade artwork and packaging by yours truly, and as mentioned before, will only contain material that has been previously unreleased.

If you or you’re band is interested in participating, you can send an unreleased track and bio information to In return, I can promise you minimal advertisement and a fun time. Let’s keep this DIY and keep producers out of the question, so if you have home recordings/demo tracks/b-sides/etc, I would love to use those. I want this to be a worldwide effort, so call you’re friends in Libya and e-mail you’re tour mates from Shanghai and get them on the boat. C’mon Japan, you better have at least one representative.

The CD-R’s will be $5 ppd domestically, $10 ppd worldwide, and that will go to shipping and packaging only. Viva comradery!

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