LAB007 – Yes, Have Some/CoF

LAB007 – Yes, Have Some

Yup. A mix of my most played songs (from this decade, and excluding some I’ve already posted), in order. You can judge me accordingly.

“Lucifer’s Memory” shocked the fuck out of me when I heard them play it, but ooh it works so well. Avatar was my favorite album of ’06, for those keeping tabs. A Taste Of Murder is another one of those oddball bands that I shouldn’t like, but if I’m being completely honest I’d have to say that this track takes the cake. The Eastern Youth track is from the split with Cursive, and I still have yet to see them live. Listen to the bridge in “E. Nick” and tell me that isn’t the simpliest, yet most well placed/written “solo” ever. The Pedro song is from the ’04 Tour EP, and the live version is much better than the studio. I almost got the Akimbo lyrics, “Gonna take your white stripes, gonna paint them black” tattooed on me once. Same with “I hope we can change the same” by Mr. Bazan. Almost. The little metal lick in “60 Revolutions” rocks my socks off, same with the drum roll in “Kids Get Cut”. I’m a simple man, really. Gustavo Santaolalla is the man behind the music in such films as Babel and The Motorcycle Diaries. This track is from the latter and if you’ve seen the movie you know how well it fits the part. The keyboard in “The Bomba” reminds me of Schroeder from Charlie Brown. MewithoutYou had Jeremy Enigk spot on their song and that is definately the highlight of the album, and possibly their career.

This mix doesn’t flow all that well because I didn’t rearrange it, but the songs are fantastic. I love music and so do you.

The title is an ode to PMFS, kind of.

I also accidentally put the album as LAB008 in the download, so feel free to change it to 7, so things make sense.

Unreleated jibberish:

A Wilhelm Scream’s new album came out today, and I’m giddy as a schoolgirl for it. Nitro is really looking up with AWS and No Trigger. Yeah you better believe I’m rockin’ Ignition right now.

Karate fans should check this out.

1. Against Me! – Those Anarcho Punks Are Mysterious… (Acoustic)
2. Eastern Youth – Muyohnosuke
3. Hot Cross – Tacoma
4. TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me
5. A Taste For Murder – I’ve Got No Sense Of Common
6. Paul Michel – E. Nick
7. Meneguar – Kids Get Cut
8. Propagandhi – A Speculative Fiction
9. Pedro The Lion – I Am Always The One Who Calls (Live)
10. Akimbo – Circle Of Hair
11. Blood Meridian – Kick Up The Dust
12. Gogol Bordello – 60 Revolutions
13. mewithoutYou – O, Porcupine
14. Spoon – I Summon You
15. Andrew Bird – Fake Palindromes
16. Converge – The Broken Vow
17. Jinxed At Twelve – The Bomba
18. Thrice – Stare At The Sun
19. The Appleseed Cast – A Fate Delivered
20. Gustavo Santaolalla – La Salida De Lima

Comets On Fire – Lucifer’s Memory + 4
It didn’t fit onto LAB007, so I decided to make a big deal about it. This link contains “Lucifer’s Memory”, two comp. only tracks and two tracks from their limited jam-session promo thing Sub Pop put out.

3 thoughts on “LAB007 – Yes, Have Some/CoF

  1. re; unrelated gibberish – yeah Ignition is a great album… but’s it was released on Epitaph, not Nitro. The Offspring s/t is on Nitro. I assume that is what you are talking about… if not I apologise.Anyway, I think Ignition was technically the first punk rock album I ever owned, so I don’t need no excuse to rock out to it!

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