LAB006 – We Can’t Gain On What Doesn’t Get Intimate, Anyway

or: This Is What It’s All About, or: I’m Gonna Find A Space Inside Your Head, It’s Gonna Be A Place Where We Can Rest, or: Can You Feel The Emotion In My Voice??!?!, or: My Name Is Not Sufjan Stevens, And This Is Not Illinois (or Dr. Strangelove)

This isn’t going to be the next Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack, but by todays standards most of the following will fall into the “Indie Rock/Post-Hardcore” catagory. I was aiming for bands that I don’t hear talked up much, but that should be. Some of these bands are no more (and I’m sure the previous statment is part of the reason), but others are still going strong and making their ways up the label staircase. I tried finding Myspace’s for a few, but quickly gave up as it seemed a daunting task, so further research should be done individually.

I enjoy this mix a lot, whether it be the personal obscurity factor or the resonating innocent-teenager vibe I’m not sure, but it sure works. Reminds me of the (good ol’ days) when Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were an entire meal and gas prices were pushing $1.20. Here’s lookin’ at you, preservatives!

I’m going to leave the quick-list of cool information out on this one, let the music do it’s own promoting. Thank you to everybody downloading, it’s geniuenly heart-warming to see people spending their time with stuff like this than searching for the newest Nickleback single. Listen to LAB006 in full, at least once through. Don’t be picky. And turn it up, will ya?

I was also tempted to load the Novi Split album “Keep Moving”. That has been the soundtrack to countless sleepless nights that convinced me I could do many things otherwise impossible, at least until I woke up the next morning and had to stare reality in the face with eye-crusties and awkwardly skimpy apparel. A number of friends I’ve shared it with have had similar reactions, but you need the packaging (or disclaimer, rather) to explore it’s subtle depths. Their website isn’t updated very often, but it’s a good starting place.

1. Black Sea – Landscapes
2. Days Of Iris – Home
3. Your Halo Is A Radar – Burnmarks
4. Bird Blobs – Drones Dream
5. Tupamaros – This Is What It’s All About
6. The Sad Lives Of The Hollwood Lover – Now I’m Lying To Myself
7. The Gods Hate Kansas – Not Paul Simon
8. Department Of Homeland Security – Fuzzy Math
9. No Through Road – Naked With You
10. The Case Against Him – Track 05
11. Autumn Year – Cut Them Loose
12. Apocalypse Pow! – Smash The Superstition
13. Book Of Kills – Who Dares Defy The Hand Of God At War
14. Atlantic Monthly – The Bitter Taste
15. Track Star – Something To Do
16. Vaginasore Jr – Strikes And Gutters
17. Copa Vance – Ten
18. Desecata – Red Red Lights
19. Dominic – Show And Tell
20. Bodies Of Water – Here Comes My Hand
21. Warmen – Beyond Abilities
22. Dip Leg – Ideal And Fact
23. The Red In Sophie Loren – Bait In The Manor

Marat – Demo 2006
Marat were a great female-fronted screamo band from the Netherlands. Here is their demo. Something similar to Funeral Diner, but more to-the-point. If I didn’t just tell you they were female-fronted and from the Netherlands, you never would have guessed.

In other news, CD’s and VINYL tied for “best listening format”, with MP3’s in second and CASSETTES getting 0 votes. I pretty much agree with that myself. Vote in the new poll —->

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