LAB005 – One Step Ahead to the Time of Nothingness / Boris – Dronevil

LAB005 – One Step Ahead to the Time of Nothingness

Well, I’m posting the Japanese mix anyways.

I am constantly blown away by bands coming out of Japan. A few I’m sure you are familiar with (Envy, Mono, Boris, Eastern Youth, Cornelius, Corrupted, Guitar Wolf, Melt-Banana), but there seems to be an endless line of upcoming artists I have been stumbling across that are… awesome.

A few of these tracks were taken from a compilation called “Matsuri… 2007”, which is like (or is) SXSW in Eastern form. Check it out here, or if you live in the San Francisco or Los Angeles areas, you can pick it up at Amoeba for $5. The Envy song is from the This Machine Kills/Yaphet Kotto three-way split, which also has a track at the end of it featuring members from all three bands that you have to hear. Nitro Mega Prayer is a favorite, this track is from their split with Balboa. I saw their full-lengths available on another blog, that is worth looking in to. Nice View is on Sonzai (Envy dude’s label) and is amazing. The Crude intro always sounds really patriotic to me, and you can play it loud and dance ridicuously. The only place you’ll find anything about Mothercoat is their myspace, but I can tell you they are fun as all hell and not much can compare to them. Michio Kurihara is also in Ghost and has put out a few solo albums, but the collaboration album w/Boris (Rainbow) is amazing. Drag City finally re-released it in the US, so it’s pretty easy to get a hold of now. 1000 Travels of Jawaharlal’s song is from a split with Aghast, who had a different split with Sed Non Satiata, who are both great bands. But that’s getting into the European side of things. Pulling Teeth is not the Chainsaw Safety band.

I left out Mono (and Toe and Corrupted) because it’s hard to put a Mono (or Toe or Corrupted) song on a mix, but I definetly recommend picking up all their albums. You can enjoy the Miaou track in the meantime. There is another band called Gauge Means Nothing that I guess falls into the “screamo” catagory that you should look up, the songs I have are slightly immature but if they keep at it they will be a great band. A band called Naiad on Goodlife was good too. Also, Up Hold.

You can browse the Tzadik (John Zorn’s label) catalogue for some more awesome, mostly japanese, mostly experimental bands.

If anybody has other recommendations I would love to hear them.

The mix title is from an Envy song, not the one listed.

1. Boris with Michio Kurihara – スウィート No_1
2. Eastern Youth – A Runner’s Self-Portrait
3. Jabara – Cos We Wish
4. Crude – No Light Soul Of State
5. Mothercoat – Galileo
6. Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno – Woman From A Hell
7. The Emeralds – Love Fire
8. Endzweck – Monument
9. Killie – 落書きされた放置死体
10. Miaou – Sleepless Dreams
11. Nice View – 泥の誘惑
12. Nitro Mega Prayer – Article 9
13. Dessert – Frighten
14. The Slowmotions – Yes, Future!!
15. Pulling Teeth – Hard Blow
16. 324 – Kage Wo Samayou
17. 1000 Travels Of Jawaharlal – Orireba Iidake
18. End All – Sending Letters
19. ENVY – A Far-Off Reason

Boris – Dronevil

And as a bonus, you get the Boris album “Dronevil”! Download this even if you already own the album. It comes as a 2XCD with three tracks on each, and are meant to be played entirely and simultaneously (similar to Rosetta – The Galilean Satellites), Neurosis/ToN – Grace), so I overlayed the files and mixed them into one track. This is the way this album was meant to be heard, an hour of pure two-channel drone happiness. Trust me, it’s a lot easier than trying to sync two CD players.

2 thoughts on “LAB005 – One Step Ahead to the Time of Nothingness / Boris – Dronevil

  1. Thanks for this, it’s really cool. Lots of bands I’ve heard of but never heard. Great Envy song as well, one of my favourites.Could have done with some Lhasa though, if you’re talking modern Japan…

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