LAB004 – Imitation Sunlight

LAB004 – Imitation Sunlight

It was a close call, but all you cold country people ended up on top. LAB004 is hereby devoted, in it’s entirety, to Scandinavian bands!

For any unaware, this club is exclusive to the countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Now, as you’ll notice, it was difficult to steer clear of the musical hot-spot of Sweden, but I represented each country listed, albeit some only once. Sigur Rós = Iceland, Mew = Denmark, Endstand = Finland, and Norway was kind enough to supply Enslaved, Kaospilot and Turbonegro. The rest are Swedish. There were a few obvious choices left out (see: Bjork, Hanoi Rocks, Finnish black metal) for various reasons. Nothing personal, I just had a limited work space. Trust me, I would have put the entire new Logh album up if there weren’t so many other awesome bands.

A few stats: The Sigur Rós track appeared on BBC’s Planet Earth series, and I haven’t heard it elsewhere. The Turbonegro song is the b/s of the “Get It On” 7″, the (I)NC song is also a b-side, as well as the Jose Gonzalez track, and the Burst song is an Unsane cover from their Conquest: Writhe album. A while ago I cut “New Noise” down by about 0:40, in attempt to make it more straight-forward and condense some of the longer instrumentals. I enjoy it, the song is a classic and doesn’t need to be altered, but it’s a fun listen anyways. Mew is from Copenhagen and I’m sure you have heard them by now, but Frengers is amazing and you should get the whole album. J Mascis guest-spotted on their newest album and that’s just as fantastic with me as well. “I (Excerpt)” is three minutes of the 21 minute Meshuggah track/album. I think the rest are generic enough to figure out.

Oh yeah, the title is what I thought he was saying in “Thieves In The Palace” for a while, until I realized it was “imitations of life”. Please find some humor in that.

1. C.AARMÉ – Tu Puta Mi Casa
2. Millencolin – Olympic
3. Division Of Laura Lee – 44
4. Refused – New Noise (Thin Ice Mix)
5. Mew – SheSpider
6. Last Days Of April – The Days I Recall Being Wonderful
7. Logh – Thieves In The Palace
8. The Hives – Automatic Schmuck
9. Meshuggah – I (Excerpt)
10. Sigur Rós – Hafsól
11. José González – Down The Hillside
12. The (International) Noise Conspiracy – United By Haircuts
13. Trapdoor Fucking Exit – Everything Is Winding Down
14. Turbonegro – Don’t Say Motherfucker Motherfucker
15. Endstand – This Is Not The End
16. Kaospilot – Up Down Right Left
17. Burst – Scrape [Unsane]
18. Cult Of Luna – Back To Chapel Town
19. Enslaved – Heir To The Cosmic Seed

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