LAB003 – We Got Really Good Friends

Okay people, it’s awesome time. “We Got Really Good Friends” is mix #3, and it’s focal point are the tracks taken from “side project” bands, and I use that term loosely. The title is a line in “Victoria Iceberg” by Bear vs Shark, which appeared on the Masters of Horror TV soundtrack (and I DO NOT recommend getting this). I know, they weren’t a side project, but that’s okay with you. Howlin’ Rain is the singer/guitarist from Comets On Fire. It’s really not that much of a departure, but necessary jams none the less. Glitter Pals is a Genghis Tron off-shot, Pink Mountaintops is Stephen McBean solo (Black Mountain, Jerk With A Bomb), Rabbit Ears is Spencer Moody (MCD) on vocals and some dude with a drum machine, and Turbo Fruits is the string section of Be Your Own Pet. Blood Meridian is also a Black Mountain affiliate, fronted by BM bassist Matt Camirand.

Fun fact: Matt played a solo set of Blood Meridian tracks for an arena full of Coldplay fans due to Black Mountain’s equipment not arriving in time for their European tour as Coldplay opener. I saw him play in a backyard for 30 people at Fuck Yeah Fest that August. These are things I cannot comprehend with mental images alone.

Other standout tracks include Comadre’s hidden track off of their Songs About The Man EP. It’s a dance track! with a shamisen! by Comadre! Yes, this is true, and it’s as intense as it sounds. The JMC song is a B-Side from Munki, why they didn’t put it on the album I don’t know. A really soft, wonderfully emotional song. Slaves is Pleasure Forever before they changed names, The Wayward is now on Magic Bullet and I couldn’t even begin to express my excitement for their next full length with 0’s and 1’s. “Coke Owns The Color Red” is one of my favorites… ever. the PMFS track is a random acoustic number I got on an old compilation, and the Ape Fight song was played during the credits of Accepted. It’s actually worth watching, it’s not what you’re thinking.

Go Team!

1. La Piovra – Go Nowhere
2. Bear vs Shark – Victoria Iceberg
3. Howlin’ Rain – Roll On The Rusted Days
4. Glitter Pals – Dig In
5. The Wayward – Cross Section
6. Pink Mountaintops – Single Life
7. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Hide Myself
8. Jesu – Silver (Original Beats)
9. Rabbit Ears – For And Against
10. Slaves – Chemical Priest
11. Let’s Crash – High School’s Priso!
12. Fake Problems – Motion Of Ocean
13. Light The Fuse And Run – Coke Owns The Color Red
14. Turbo Fruits – 20th I Was Blue
15. VietNam – Welcome To My Room
16. Planes Mistaken For Stars – Seventy-Seven
17. Your Black Star – Set The Trap
18. Blood Meridian – We Almost Made It Home
19. Lisabo – Gau Minean
20. Ape Fight – You Think We Suck
21. Comadre – (Hidden Track)

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