LAB002 – The Butcher Shop

Bands singing songs by other bands! Alright! You have to love covers… or hate them. But these are worthy of your time, I swear. First, some honorable mentions:
Botch – Yep, they covered “O Fortuna” and “Rock Lobster”. Yep, they are amazing. Yep, you already have them.
Wizo – “All That She Wants” originally by Ace Of Base. I took it out because it didn’t fit!
No Use For A Name – “Turning Japanese”. Reasons you won’t find it here: A) The Vapors we’re better, B) It’s a little bit demeaning, but that’s not NUFAN’s fault, and C) somewhere between my freshman year of high school and my sister’s teeny-bopper friends, I hope I’ve developed better taste.
Ben Lee – Covered Against Me!’s New Wave in it’s entirety. I actually enjoy it, you can download it here instead:

In case you’re wondering, I don’t know how to make a proper link. I know there’s an easy answer, shoot it my way.

Now, onto the proper forgery:
This second installment of the LAB mix tapes (and the second today!) includes, but is not exclusive to, my favorite cover songs. If you don’t have the originals i recommend getting those as well, it’s all the better when you can compare. Maybe I’ll make another mix…

The Mare song, which is the only other song they recorded besides that EP (to my knowledge) is fantastic, goes well with some Cream Abdul Babar. Albert Kuvezin is a throat singer from Tuva. Where the hell is Tuva??!?! Well, Southern Russia/Northern Mongolia to be exact. He digs the classic rock. Awesome. I picked the Joy Division cover (among the many I had) because it’s easily the most beautiful version of that song I’ve heard. Give it time though, be acceptant, it might take a while to really set in. Zegota is amazing-good. You need to get the 7″ this track is from, the other song on it is just as amazing. I never liked Of Montreal before I heard this song, which came to me in the form of an unmarked 7″ that I can’t remember buying, but it’s a fun take on The Misfits as opposed to the the run-of-the-mill tough-guy covers.There is also Built To Spill covering “Freebird” which can’t be beat, it’s so holy shit good. Haha, I’m such an American. Thanks to Nodatta for that, by the way. Viva la combinacions!

1. Avail – You May Be Right [Billy Joel]
2. Small Brown Bike and The Casket Lottery – Under Pressure [Queen]
3. The Last Forty Seconds – Stop! [Janes Addiction]
4. Boris with Merzbow – I Am The Walrus [The Beatles]
5. Mare – Nightgoat [The Melvins]
6. Cream Abdul Babar – Gladiator [The Jesus Lizard]
7. Suicide Note – (Mama Had A) Skull Baby [The Didjits]
8. Thoughts Of Ionesco – I [Bad Brains]
9. Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha – In A Gadda Da Vida [Iron Butterfly]
10. J Mascis – On The Run [Greg Sage]
11. Susanna and the Magical Orchestra – Love Will Tear Us Apart [Joy Division]
12. Of Montreal – Where Eagles Dare [The Misfits]
13. Tight Bro’s From Way Back When – Inside Looking Out [The Animals]
14. Give Up The Ghost – You And Me [Archers Of Loaf]
15. Daniel Striped Tiger – Think About Carbs [Hot Snakes] (Live)
16. Ampere – Money Stinks [D.R.I.]
17. Karate – Bob Dylan Wrote Propaganda Songs [Minutemen]
18. The Jesus And Mary Chain – Surfin’ USA [The Beach Boys]
19. Built To Spill – Freebird [Lynyrd Skynyrd]
20. Sparta – Kiss The Bottle [Jawbreaker]
21. Zegota – Sinnerman [Traditional]

One thought on “LAB002 – The Butcher Shop

  1. woops… tried to show how to post a link, but all it did was actually post a link in the comment! Sorry, explaining html within html is a bit beyond my technical capabilities… so try this maybe – just replace my curve () brackets with proper html angle brackets…(a href=”[web address]”)[text you wish to appear]”(/a)Anyway, just found your blog and thought I’d help out. I really like the mixtapes idea, especially the covers one. I just started my own blog (two of them, actually) a while ago, and hey, it’s a fun learning curve! Check me out at hardcorefornerds.blogspot.comCheers, Gabba

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