LAB001 – Uprising

First Post, First Mix.

Well here we go. The name for the mix was taken from the Clann Zu song, which seemed like a suitable name for a first time (Clann Zu is no more, but check out My Disco and Declan de Barra solo). It was built around the epic-ness of The Coma Recovery, Okkervil River and Twenty Inch Burial tracks (which, by the way, is an extreme rarity in the “metallic emo-core” or whatever field, but I have to admit they do it right). Dax Riggs’ vocals on the Deadboy track are awesome, and you should’ve picked up his latest solo effort on Fat Possum three weeks ago. There’s a new Dear Tonight track on there, which I loved their demo, but hadn’t heard from them in a while since their old label wen’t under. But alas! they have returned. A few nostalgic tracks for good measure, a song from the Japanese band Mothercoat, oh yes, and a Nick Cave B-Side to round it out.

Give feedback and enjoy!

1. Deadboy & The Elephantmen – Stop, I’m Already Dead
2. Dear Tonight – You Have Too Much Faith In Us
3. Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Where Have All The Rude Boys Gone?
4. Wipers – Up Front
5. The Hives – Automatic Schmuck
6. Okkervil River – Westfall
7. Dead Meadow – At Her Open Door
8. Twenty Inch Burial – Amo-te
9. Clann Zu – Ri Ra
10. The Coma Recovery – Capulet
11. Blood Red – Suburbia
12. Calla – Televised
13. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Good Good Day
14. Mothercoat – Galileo
15. Kodan Armada – Say Something
16. Korpiklaani – Vakirauta

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